What Effected Your Income and Happiness

Who You Are As A Person?

According to financial advisor Max Bolka;

Your income can only grow to the extent that you do.

Most of a financial success depends primarily upon who they are as a person before talent or skill even come in to play. “In fact, success depends first on the purity of one’s heart”

No matter what you tell yourself, you’re right, said Bolka, who specializes in partnering with advisors to provide clients with comprehensive legacy planning and succession planning for business owners. “The inner precedes the outer,” he said.

We limit ourselves by what we believe. Three categories of beliefs that typically hold people back;

  1. Fear
  2. Lack
  3. Struggle


To overcome it, you first need to figure out what you’re really afraid of so you can heal. We often mask our fears, so it’s not always obvious. At least not to us.

We may claim we have the more “acceptable” fear of failure, but what you really might fear is success. “Most people have a far greater fear of success, “And while fear of failure can motivate you to a minimum level of safety and security, usually associated with the comfort of mediocrity, fear of success is bound to keep you there.”


“if only” statement. As in, “If only I had more time, money, clients” and so forth.
This indicates the false perception of lack is at play.

To help change your perception, look at your beliefs to see if they’re actually true. For example, take the concept of time. Time is man-made, and we’re all given 24 hours in a day. “All time management is self-management. Studies show your perception of time and how you experience time influences how your body metabolizes time,”


“Most people need to prove how important they are”

Sometimes this entails showing how hard they work and how they’ve overcome obstacles so they deserve a good life. They even create obstacles to overcome! We love to ‘sacrifice,’ using struggle as an excuse to show what a good person we are.”

To overcome these limiting beliefs recommends focusing your attention and creating good habits to override your existing unhealthy habits.

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