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Why do I need insurance?

Unfortunately life’s journey is not always as smooth as we want it to be. Unexpected events may trip us up in life or stop us from living every day to the fullest. For those events that could be expensive, insurance can cover the costs, so that you don’t have to worry and always in peace of mind.

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Protect Yourself & Your Family

Life Protection

As we go through life, our needs evolve and change, get the tailored solutions that are catered to meet your needs at different stages of your life.

Health Protection

Ensuring you have access to adequate medical care is crucial. We are ready to help you to have designed insurance solutions that suit your age group, health needs – and budget.

Personal Accident Protection

The cost of an accident can be expensive and impactful to the family livelihood. Let us assist you to  find the right plan to let you enjoy your freedom with peace of mind.

Protect My Lifestyle

Travel Insurance

We offer comprehensive protection for you, your family and even for your home when you travel aboard, allowing you to focus on enjoying the journey.

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance offers coverage against loss and damage to your car.

Home Insurance

Your home is your most valuable asset, rest easy knowing that be wisely to protect against unfortunate events.

Hospital & Surgical

Should you or your family need medical or surgical treatment, sufficiently to ensure you are well covered so that your stay in hospital is comfortable on you and also your wallet.

Sports Insurance

Focus on the game you love end enjoy fullest while insurance will take care of the rest

Build my wealth

Wealth Accumulation

Many events require planning and saving. With our solutions, you’re free to choose between guaranteed rewards or annual cash back. And many more add-ons.


Great Eastern supports the principle of solidarity cooperation via a collection of products based on mutual assistance. Takaful products allow you to contribute on the basis of Tabarru’ (donation) to a fund that will be used to help each other in time of misfortunes. Takaful allows you and your family protection, both financially and medically, so that you can have the freedom to live life without worrying about the future.

Save For The Future


It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s future. Our child’s crucial educational milestones start from us and the parents need to plan wisely and responsibly for that.


Saving for your retirement is easier than you may think. Start small and early with our dedicated insurance plan and enjoy peace of mind during your golden years.

Future goals

Realizing our dreams into reality with our wide array of flexible wealth accumulation plans. Whatever your objectives, we’ll have a plan.


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